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Thread: glue for PVC

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    glue for PVC

    I am planning to plumb my sump pump with PVC pipe, but I'm not sure if I should use normal PVC glue. There is any danger of wather contamination wih it ? thank's every one !!!

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    I plumbed mine with pvc glue before and had no problem.I think that once its dry its ok.......But if anybody thinks im wrong...please let me know id like that info too!!

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    PVC cement is just fine.let it sit a day or 2.

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    It's completely fine, as long as it's dry. John is VERY cautious stating to wait a day or two. As long as it's dry, it's fine. Anything potable ( safe for human comsumption, o.k. well...., you don't consume the glue, but you know what I mean!!) is fine for an aquarium too.

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