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    live rock experiance

    here is something i would like to share last wed on my way home from work i got hit with reefer madness. I felt like a crack addict that needed a rock and needed one now a live rock that is.So i spot Big als and start to drool i enter the store look at the tanks most are ulgy and not well maintained.
    BAMM i spot this one huge rock with 5 large shrooms on it so i say to my self lets see how much it cost . Attendent comes over how much i ask he says 20 bucks for the shrooms + the weight of the rock. He takes the rock to the scale at 11.99 a pound im thinking damm 200 to 275 Canadian pesos. He comes back says 140 sold i say . U got a bucket he says its to big to bag hell no i dont he sell's me one for 9 bucks ok so 149 now. 2 Weeks prior the this purchase i bought a live rock at Marine Scape let me give a thumbs up to these guys there
    tanks are excellently maintained. And there great guys . the rock i bought there came to 100 + change. Now the rock i bought for 140 is at least almost double the size of the 100 dollar one. Today i stick my hands in the tank and lift both rocks the marinescape one is much smaller but weights much more then the big als one . So my ? is whats the deal on weight. Im thinking id rather pay 11.99 a lb and get a rock that almost double the physical size of the 7.99 a lb rock. am i making a mistake thinking that way.

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    Hey buddy,
    its all about how porus the rock is dude. the more spaces throughout the rock, small and large, the lighter it is. look for rock with lots of holes and make sure its light, not dense. i have a peice of rock in my tank thats the size of a volleyball and only weigh's 2 lb's. i have seen rock that's the size of my fist and weighing 2 lbs. be picky about your rock and it will save you money.

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    The thing with l.r. is that how porous it is. The smaller one may be heavier because it's holding more water than the larger one. How much you pay for l.r. is really depending on a few things. I've purchased rock for the shape and others because they are very porous.

    The bonus to being porous is the filtration IMO,if you want pay more for the ones you like for their shape and/or pay more or less for the porous ones. I think it's a matter of getting a variety

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