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Thread: male or female?

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    male or female?

    Is there a semi-reliable way to determine if a maroon clown is male or female? I've heard things about stripes, length, width, etc, but nothing semi-concrete.

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    It's usually very simple. On one side of the tank, place a pair of nice shoes..., nothing flashy, yet tasteful. On the otherside, place a T.V., preferably tuned to a sports station. Sit back and watch..., I think the rest you can figure out yourself!!!

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    Seriously though. If you leave a maroon clown alone in a tank it will become a female. The only sure way to get a male, is to put a baby in a tank with a large female, and if she doesn't kill it, it will turn male.
    You can try 2 babies at once when they are small, and they might get along with one becoming the dominant female, and the other becoming the male. The female will be much larger. That is if one doesn't kill the other one.
    I have a maroon that is coming up on a year old and is getting quite large, and later this year I will start looking for babies. The breeders say this is the best chance at getting a pair to mate. If they are too close in size, one will likely kill the other, if there is a large size difference, there is no arguments over who is the boss.
    Hope this helps

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    Dick182 the way u just described is they way sara will loos one or both maroons. Maroons are the Hitler of all clonws. they seek each other out and destroy the oppostion. Now as of length yes and no. Ig you have an ADULT pair the larger will be the female and the smaller will be the male. now as for Juveniles they are born male with female thinger majigers. in other words the more dominant clown will become female and the lesser clown will become male. Pairing maroons though you should get a larger one and a smaller one. Place in a safe haven for the smaller one so that the larger one cant get to it eventualy the lesser will submit and the two will become a breeding pair.

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    Actually Doo-e that isn't quite correct. All clowns are born as sex-less juveniles. See this article:

    I agree with the rest of his post though. Maroons are probably the meanest of all clowns. The nicest, most humane way to get a pair is to start with two juveniles.

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