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    Gobies - Jumpers?

    Is it true that all gobies are jumpers?

    I was at my LFS and saw what was a diamond back errrr soemthing gobie. What I liked about it was that it would sift through the gravel. Good cleaner, which is what I need.

    Problem is my tank is open top and the guy at the fish store told me gobies will jump out of the tank. I know some do cause a few varieties are almost amphibious in nature.

    The manadarin goby looks really cool !!

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    some can, Then again any fish could..

    Just pick up some EGGCRATE from homedepot and cover the tank

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    as long as he's not stressed he should stick around. worth a try. i have 3 firefish who are supposed to be jumpers and an open top. none jumped yet..knock on wood

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