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    Cool Corals &lighting & Retailers

    This is probaly more for the experienced SPS keepers but any info is welcome. I've noticed with my last purchase from AC which was straight from his supplier that the corals came in looking one way and now are changing to something else. I know all about intensity,k rating and water chemistry having an effect as well as stress from shipping. I think its amazing how corals adapt and change and the same coral can be completely different in color in someone elses tank!
    Do you think that suppliers hold there corals under intense lighting really close up on racks and therefore we recieve corals under premo conditions but when we place them on the rock work sometimes were let down as the color will change. On the flip side I've gotten some fairly plain looking frags that in turn became awsome pieces! Just wondering if retailers should state there lighting,water chem,and were the corals are located. just some food for thought.

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    I know for a fact that SeaCare does this - corals on racks right under high intensity lights.

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    most of LFS do the same thing
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    Not all LFS's do this but the suppleiers you're talking about do... at least all the big guys.
    Yes, the big ones will often even list the lighting they are using. For example, Walt Smith lists that they use XM bulbs presently and have been for awhile.
    The color difference or palish colors you see upon arrival IS from shipping stress. Most coral farmers use the best of lighting so that the corals grow well and fast. Also, they know that the colors are what fetches the big bucks so they're not stupid about that neither.
    You will get to know or at least have a pretty good idea of what a coral should turn out to be with time or once you've been doing it for awhile and gained some experience when looking at a stressed/bleached coral that has just arrived. Then again, you can get a real surprise when it has spent some time in your tank. I think this is one of the fun/exciting things about SPS. Another thing is that different types acros usually have a certain field of colors that they can be, while at times you can get lucky and get your hands on a real prized rarae color morph.

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