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Thread: dragon wrasse

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    dragon wrasse

    I am wondering how big a dragon wraase will get and what it will bother. I have heard confliting opinions on both parts. I'd appreciate any info.

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    According to Scott Michael's book the Dragon Wrasse gets up to 11.8". These fish have a reputation for redecorating and are also known as the Rockmover Wrasse. Scott says "A handsome, fascinating-to-watch wrasse for larger aquariums. Juveniles are suitable for the community tank, but as they grow they become very aggressive. Keep with more-belligerent or larger fishes. Limit one specimen per tank. This species buries and will require 2-4" of fine sand substrate on the aquarium bottom. Even large individuals will jump from uncovered tanks."

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    I don't really know anything about them however, the LFS where I just bought my Gorg has had one for quite a few months and they are a very COOL fish to watch. Just to let you know too, I don't think these guys are safe around other smallish fish or any type of invert. The sucker I saw has fangs as teeth!!!!!!

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    I just bought one for my tank at work(yah, I got another tank (fish only)at work, I am a sucker for punishment! and it's way of getting more stuff!) and he is a character -yes they do get large and they eat snails, shrimp, starfish and all the small stuff under the rocks(thats why he moves rocks)not good for reef ecosystems!

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