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    Snails can smell !

    Ok I don't have conclusive facts but here is my experience.

    Since I got that blenny I've been suspending noki. I assumed it was him eating it because within a short amount of time it was all gone. Well this week I wanted to see him eat it so I tried my best to sit infront of the tank as much as possible.

    The first day I noticed that my 2 turbos were next to the nori!

    Yesterday I suspended the nori, the turbos were on the back wall of the tank and the other on some rocks. As fast as snails can move they RAN over to the nori and ate it up. This took about 1.5hrs (running and all) and the nori was all gone.

    The reason why I'm sure snails can smell is that as SOON as the nori was in they started moving towards it.

    ps I only have 2 turbos left because the others turned themselves over (at various times) and I unfortunately wasn't around to turn them over and my EX hermit took to them fast :bawling:

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    Have you ever noticed how the snails will congregate together? They send chemical signals of some type. I had asked Dr. Ron about this because I always thought it too much of a coincidence that they always hung out in bunches on the same rock or area. All animals communicate in one form or another.

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