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    Question skimmer

    why the column of a skimmer is always round ? i know that whit somme kind like a aerofoamer it need to be like this cause the flow spin inside, but whit other like a aqua-c or PM bullet ? if the column was square does it make any difference ?

    the goal of my question is , im looking to make my selves a new DIY skimmer for my new 265 gallon systeme , and i was thinking why making it round if square can do the samme thing

    beside that making it square can cost less , the price of acrylic tubing is kind of expensive

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    There is not really anything wrong with a square chamber, BUT a round one is better as you mentioned simply because it allows the water to swirl. Swirling water gives more contact time between air and water in the skimmer chamber. And contact time is what gives proteins the time to adhere to the bubbles and then foam over. Generally, a swirling chamber is more efficient because of greater contact time. But if you make a nice long square chamber with good turbulance inside, you should be o.k.
    BUT, I think that, since a skimmer is such an important part of your system, and you have a big tank, you should really consider spending the money ONLY ONCE and doing it the best possible way from the beginning.

    Old system torn down to make a playroom.. planning a 62x42x28 high

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