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    Refugium to Tank Ratio

    Just wanted to see what type of ratio people have between their tank size and the refugium they have on it.

    Who has the largest? who has the smallest? is their an average size out there?

    Since the use of a refugium seems to be a hot topic and in an effort to produce a more naturally fed tank Reef Crew will be conducting an experiment of sorts.

    We are having a refugium made that should be about 50- 55Gal in size and we will be adding this to our 45Gal (35Gal actual water volume) tank. This will provide us about a 1:1.5 ratio of tank to refugium.

    We want to see how much live food we can produce in the refugium, while providing a large amount of food to the tank.

    How much can Corals and fish eat? maybe this will bring us one step closer to being better able to answer this question.

    Let us know what your ratio is and what you think of our experiment.
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    Display is 90 gallon and refuge is 25 gallon. Do I count the sump since I have lr & macro algae there as well? That would probably add another 10 gallons.

    Any experiment to better feed our corals and fish is a step forward IMO. I will be starting a modification to my system to see if it makes an improvement as well. At present I add brine shrimp and rotifers to the display tank. I also drip about 2 cups of phyto (mixed with 1 gallon of tank water) 24/7. I am rearranging things and will be adding brine shrimp & rotifers to the above tank refuge as well as the phyto. This should give a more continuous supply of live food to the display tank like the corals would see in the wild.

    I don't think anyone has developed an ideal ratio between display and refuge because of the all the variables. But ballpark ratio would be helpful to everyone.


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    500g:75g refugium. I usually find a 4:1 ratio in most setups

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    90g:50g refugium

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    90g:3g (better than nothing :-) ) Actually, even with this tiny fuge, I have tons of life in the main tank now. I feed the fuge well, and it is seething with worms and pods. The chaetomorpha in it is also thriving.

    This is an interesting topic. Does a bigger refugium really mean more life in the main tank? It would definitely take longer to see the life from the refugium spill into the main tank, as the carrying capacity of a 50 gal refugium is huge as compared to a tiny one. But it would be more stable. Once well established, it may depend more on how well fed a refugium is vs how big it is to actually result in more food entering the main tank. ???

    Even a tiny one like mine has made a huge difference in the amount of pods and worms in the big tank though.
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    90 gal tank, 55 gal fuge

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    120g tank, 10g refugium. I think, I made the refugium, it's 2' x 12" x 12". There's about 5" of sand in there and the water is a few inches from the top. It's a real creep show though, swarming with worms, pods and mysis.

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    I use a 20 gal fuge on my 50 gal tank, thi shas worked nicely for me and makes it alot easier to manage evaporation
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