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    Red brittle star from hell

    I have just witnessed this monster capture and kill my coral beauty i tried to save the fish but the damm star was to fast in dragging it under his rock by the time i got the tongs in position he was gone when i got the star he was quite small and shy now this beast is quite large and will even attack my tongs when i target feed. what am i suppose to do i don t wanna hurt it but its driving me nuts this star is surely insane

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    Not at all insane. When they get big this is what they do. I know because I have a killer brittle star in my holding tank. It ate at least two blenny's, half a blue linkia starfish and was going after my bicolor angel the night I got it.

    They aren't as hard to catch as you'd think. I baited a stick with some scallop and got him to come right to the front glass after lights out one night. When he got within reach I let go the stick and let him have the scallop. Then I just reached in and grabbed him.

    Good luck. I know how awful this is.

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    flame angle ok mine will be easy to catch cause he attacks my tongs when i got shrimp in the pinchers and he dont let go
    so ill drag him out and put him in the sump i thought only green brittles did this to fish guess i was wrong .

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    I have a black one and he bothers nobody. Actually I've caught my blenny sitting on him he gets annoyed and moves.

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    What a wast of a coral Beauty no offense it wasnt your fault if i were u i would kill it but i am not u so that star is lucky. I would sell it of find somebody like Flame Angels with or who is building a FOWLR tank and give it to them. Or put into a triggerfish tank.

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