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Thread: Black Mollies

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    Black Mollies

    anyone try these for hair algea removal? I heard they work great! as thats all they eat. I'm tempted to give it a shot. someone said if you get the real nice sailfin Mollies that in saltwater they look amazing and even get a ridge of blue on there fins. Of course you'd need a lengthy acclimation but people are keeping them in full reef salinity. wierd eh!

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    lol 500g saltwater mollie tank !!!

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    One RS here has some living in his marine tanks, and the algae's still rather ugly.
    They look black in the tanks and no pretty colours, but I do know they survive.
    If Mollies can survive in saltwater then why can't scats (for an example) as they live in brackish?
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    Yes, Mollies can be acclimated to saltwater, and apparently are great diatom algae eaters! Another added bonus is that they breed regularily, and their fry make for wonderful live fishfood treats.

    Yes, I've also seen brackish water scats being acclimated to saltwater. And here's something else, apparently they're voracious aiptasia eaters. Too bad they're butt-ugly. Myabe I'll try it out one day.
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    Henioucus are great Aptasia eaters but there is only one kind that can be kept in a reef tank.

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