The accidental goniopora that I bought, has consumed what seems to be alot of calcium.
Before it was added the calc was at 375 - 400 ppm, after about a week or so of having the new addition, it is at 275ppm.
Is it normal for a coral to use that much??? (it'll send me broke at that rate...LOL)
note: this is the only coral in the tank besides 5 or 6 small shrooms.
I've added Kent's liquid calcium (1 tspn) daily and it's still dropped that much, with the liquid calcium only raising it by 25ppm at best at a time, and it returns to the low levels within 24 hours.
I made a Kalk dripper with an old 2 liter plastic cordial bottle and put the lid of a pop-top bottle on it and put plastic tubing about 2 inches from the bottom with a connecting 'thingy' with the screw so that you can control the flow and dripped that today, but got this slimy stuff on the top of the tank so I stopped it and cleaned the bottle out and refilled it, and haven't dripped again. It drips about 1 liter a day. The pop-top is to allow air so that it can drip, I know that kalk and co2 are not a good combo, but it was the only way to get it to drip, and I close the top when not in use.
Is this ok?
I want to keep it alive until i can return it, in about 3 or 4 weeks.