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    New Beginnings - Looking for a 100 to 130 gal reef ready tank

    Presently have a 70 gal fresh water ciclids tank. Looking at starting up from scratch a 100 to 130 gal reef tank with sump. PM thank you.

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    How much and what have you researched so far? What are you looking/hoping to keep in it?

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    I've been reading and surfing for about 1 month. Read "Natural Reef Aquariums" from J Tullock. Looking at a Live rock, Fish, Invertebrates and eventually Corals.
    I had a serious look at starting up with my 70 gal with a siphon and sump system but would prefer to invest only once.

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    When do you want this tank for? I have a 100 gallon (72 x 18 x 18) drilled with a 1 peice plexi overflow, stand and canopy that will be avalable in about 45 days. Maybe sooner.
    A sump is easy enough to get your hands on because that's just a smaller tank that can be picked up cheap at any pet store. You can even use roughneck continers if you like.

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    Will send you PM One Salty Dog

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