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    Post BTA - Stringy Tentacles

    My BTA seems to have rather thin, stringy tentacles the last few days.

    I have been feeding it twice a week, in fact, it just ate my lawnmover blenny yesterday. ugh..

    Food includes frozen brink shrimp, krill and Cyclop-eze.

    The tank is lit by 96W 10K PC, 96W Actinitc PC. Duration, approx 8(10K) / 12(Act) hours. The anenome sits about 12" from the bottom of tank ( 24" hight tank )

    Any ideas on what the problem might be?


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    he probably has put all of his inner water to his GI area since he ate his last HUGE meal. RIP. IMO he should bounce back. he must be healthy if he's catching fish. anemones have a hydrostatic skeleton, which is full of water FYI

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    my bta is like that alot.....if anyone knows let me know too

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    I noticed both of you arew running PC lights only. BTA like strong lighting and they are probably stretching for the light.

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    Toutouche..I thought that may be a the problem. I've been trying to position the BTA as close to the surface as possible.

    I think I'll grab a couple more pieces of live rock and move the BTA closer to the light. Maybe this will help. I just bought the PC lights so I don't want to upgrade to VHO, or MH just yet.
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