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    I remember someone askign where to get reflector material...

    Go to Any Home Depot and you can buy the Aluminum Sheets they are in the Roofing department, They come in Standard aluminum or they come in Polished aluminum..

    Hope this helps


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    Re: Reflector

    Quote from web
    "Hydroponic Supplies - Grow lights - Organic gardening supplies
    Reflective Mylar for indoor gardening

    Reflective Mylar
    Indoor gardeners use Mylar in an indoor garden to save precious light: 98% of the light striking it is reflected to plants where it belongs. This increases the efficiency of your lighting system. Mylar is a metallic film that can be taped or tacked directly to a flat surface or wall. .001 MM mylar should be used over flat surfaces. .002 MM Mylar can be used over open studs if needed."

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    Re: Reflector

    don't forget that mylar can melt, etc. it's plastic.
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