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Thread: Coral Run

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    Coral Run

    I happen to be going down south next weekend for a coral run at ORG. this is a premium coral store that doesn't ship. There mostly WALT SMITH corals. Most selections there are AMAZING. this will be a one time deal for this summer and I'm picking up a few choice corals on reserve for AC and some boys in Montreal. If you have the bucks I can select some thing for you. SPS colonys go for $150. other rare brains and stuff are also available. The cost is $10 for the gas [we all know how exspensive that is!].
    You have to either give me a description of what you want no matter how vague and I hold no responsability for color ,shape,or size. Most of you know I pretty much have good taste so let me know as I'm leaving soon.

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    Re: Coral Run

    Originally posted by Johnny Rock
    Most of you know I pretty much have good taste
    HA!!!! What about those leather pants???!!!!!!!!

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    I am Homer of BORG... Prepare to be..OOOO!! DONUT!!!!!!

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