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    Vet/Dentist/Fish Dr, Help Please Toronto

    Hi Everyone.

    I need your help my SaltWater Puffer fish's tooth is getting to long and I need to trim it. Is there anybody in toronto or area willing to help me out with this. Below is an artical about someone that did this. My fish does not need this now but soon in about a month or so I predict he will. I have attached a picture to show the tooth. Soon he will not be able to eat.

    if you can help please email me

    Thank You

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    wow, this is a first for me. question is, how the heck did you get those pics?

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    Have you called your local vet? I'd bet if you offered to take him in (in a container ) they'd help you out and probably better than anybody else I'd go that route IMO

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    Check on the Fish Only and Aggressive forum on Lots of people have puffers there and I've seen a few posts about the teeth trimming. I remember reading something about feeding shellfish with the shell to help wear them down naturally but there is a point where trimming becomes necessary.

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    thanks everyone

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