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    A fish only conversion

    Hi everyone,
    I have a big tank now and want to take it slow for $$ purposes. i was thinking of doing a fish only for the beggining until I can afford for good lights and good filtration.

    If I go for a fish only in a 110 G tank and add the fact that I'm planning for a reef later, what type of cheap filtration do I need? Do I need a skimmer? or maybe just a fuge will do? And if I get a skimmer, I should get a kick-@$$ one to start....
    Not shure. Please let me know what you all think.

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    In my opinion any tank will be better off with a skimmer. As far as how good a skimmer well, how many times do you want to buy a skimmer? If it was me I'd wait until I could get a good one. If you get live rock that would be all you need. Since you're planning to turn it into a reef eventually you won't be able to overstock with fish anyway.

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