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    Clown fish jumped. Why?

    One of my two CB Ocellaris jumped out of the tank sometime today:-( I didn't think clowns were jumpers and am really puzzled (and sad) about this.

    The tank is a 29G; set-up since late November. I got two locally bred (from Chelsea) ocellaris in mid-January. After 2 weeks in QT, they moved to the 29G at the start of February. Since then, they've been fine. Eat like pigs. Interacting with each other like a new pair forming. They have been hosting a powerhead but about 2 weeks ago started moving out into the rest of the tank.

    There are no other fish in the tank. Just 2 blue leg hermits, various snails, a frogspawn and torch, a couple of monti frags and some 'shrooms. The other fish is fine. All of the corals are looking healthy - good polyp extension. The only thing I've added recently were 8 Narssarius snails from IJO about 2 weeks ago. Lots of coarrline growth.

    Water parameters have been generally stable (SG had been varying a bit (going down) which I am working on and Alk has gone down somewhat too). Today, I have:

    Temp: 83 (higher than usual, perhaps due to weather today)
    pH: 8.03 (meter)
    sg: 1.022 (refractometer)
    Ammonia: 0
    Nitrites: 0
    Nitrates: 1
    Alk: 2.51
    dKh: 7.0

    The tank has a canopy with an HOB 'fuge. There is an opening of 16" x 2" at the left side where the fish jumped through.

    Any ideas? I will try to put a cover over the hole but didn't think that clowns were jumpers.

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    Maybe you got O2 depletion due to the heat. Your PH looks like O2 could be needed. I don't know how true or not it is but one of my older books says that fish will jump out of the tank when they are in a hurry to find better water conditions. Perhaps he was hanging around the surface where there should be more O2 and managed to jump out. That's a bummer what even the cause was.

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    Nope it is because of what you said "Interacting with each other like a new pair forming." The aggressor gave the subordinate no peace so the little guy jumped because of being bullied. If you have a powerhead obviously you have water movement on the top so oxygen depletion isnt a factor.

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