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Thread: 2 nice links

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    2 nice links

    hey gang,

    just doing a bit o surfin' and bumped into these;

    was talking about hawkfish lately, my flame hawk, and my desire to get a longnose hawk - check this pic:

    And this french guy's aquarium(s) - look through the foto gallery of this, all of it, some of the best pics are at the end.. WOW!


    Fishysan ><>
    180g display main floor, 150g trough, 75g, 20g in basement
    SPS, LPS, softies, many clams & 14 fish
    main: 250w AB DE HQI x 3, 5' x 3 VHO actinic - trough: 400w venki

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    Re: 2 nice links

    Very nice &nbsp;;D
    Don't take life too seriously; no one gets out alive.

    photo gallery:

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