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Thread: Linkia and clam

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    Linkia and clam

    Last night, I watched my orange linkia starfish climb on my clam.

    How delicat must it be. My clam usually closes when a fish, a shrimp or my hand touchs it, or even comes close. A shadow is usually enough to cause a reaction in my clam. But I was stunned to see my linkia walk on my clam, and leave about a minute later without the clam ever reacting.

    Nothing was wrong with my clam. I tested it with my hand after the incident and it was fast to close as soon as my hand came close to touching it.

    I love my linkia.

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    My blue linkia does this with a big derasa clam I have too. It's really amazing isn't it? I think they just like to eat algae off the clams shells.

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    wow, that is so cool! Thanks for sharing.. do you have pix?
    I've noticed that raising kids & fish are similar: Patience & dedication really pays off!

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    No.....that's what I have to buy soon......a digital camera.

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