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    Fluidized bed filters VS Skimmers

    How good do Fluidized bed filters and how do they compare to skimmers?

    Thank You

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    There is no comparison between the 2, they are completely different. A fluidized bed compares more to a wet/dry filter in that its main function is breaking down the nitrogen cycle. The reality is that it doesn't remove anything only converts Amonia->nitrite->nitrate. You don't hear of many people using fliudized beds anymore because they are a big PITA to set up and maintain and there are some concerns over oxygen consumption on smaller tanks.

    Skimmers on the other hand, have been proven to be the single most important type of filter on a saltwater aquarium.

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    Most of the people who use the fluidized bed filters have large fish only tanks with big fish who can create a small ammonia spike at every meal. They need that ammonia converted to nitrate asap and this is a good way to do it. They all seem to run good skimmers as well though. Kenzy is right, they perform different functions. I wouldn't run any kind of saltwater tank without a good skimmer.

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