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    Curing Live Rocks in new tank

    I have finally taken delivery of my new 120 gal tank reef ready with sump and mag 7 pump. I will be doing a wet test today and let it run for the night. Assuming everything is OK, I will empty it tomorrow, put the live sand in (80 lbs of Caribsea aragonite), fill it again with RO water and mix in the salt. I'm expecting 100 lbs of premium FIJI live rocks late next week, is it OK to put all the live rocks at once and cure them in the tank, some people suggested that I do the curing in a separate container for fear of contamining my live sand. Again, this is a brand new set up. Thanks for your help.


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    in the tank,have some saltwater ready at all times to do a water change. test for ammonia. cured rock usually doesn't give you to much of a spike and cycles quick.[usually]

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    I cured 70 pounds in my new tank. I even let it cycle with the LR in there it took about 3 weeks in total I did do 2 15% water changes durning that period of time just to help out any critters.

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    I cured my lr in my tank as well - 2 lots of 75 pounds each about 4 weeks apart (I couldn't afford all the lr in one month). I ran my skimmer and lights to help any criters, etc. I tested for ammonia and when it got high, I did partial water changes (I think 2 for each lot).

    Most important - I spent hours looking at the rock and planning where each piece would go. After the cycle was over, I then did the first of many aquascapings.


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    Great - thank you.

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