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    just wondering would some types of sps will do ok in my tank?
    my nutrient levels are always very low.
    i will bw adding a sump or large fuge this summer.
    and im runing 400 watt VHO's.
    there is a guy on rc that has a tank full of sps and only VHO lighting.
    the left island in my tank is a pretty high flow area and i love sps corals.
    any opinions?

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    I have a monti digitata that is brown / purple, i started it out under NO bulbs, and it actually did well, after a few months under NO bulbs i went to halides and i now have tons of frags all over my tank, so i'd say monti digitat would do great
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    Montipora is the way to go. I love them under any light, but I have had very good luck with them under VHO.

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    There are some SPS that would work. You may not get "brilliant" colours as you would under halides. I would also start with the montipora species, and go from there....

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    ok thanx guys

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