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Thread: Clam food

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    Clam food

    I now use coralife invert gumbo mixed with a bit of tank water to target feed my clams. However I was wondering if I could add a bit of freeze dried cylop eeze to the mixture. It does amazing things for fish and corals, so I was wondering if it would do the same for my derasa and gold maxima. Thanks in advance for the advice.

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    from what I understand the particle size is to large but I could be wrong? phyto like DT's and BIOLIFE will be just fine. how big are the clams now?

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    I think the particle size is too large, too. Even the invert cumbo is too large, imo. Maybe the juices, but any particles that you can make out with the naked eye are probably too large. Calms absorb nitrogenous compounds ( ammonia, nitrite, nitrate) as well as some phytoplankton- more whan they are under 2 inches. Bigger stuff just irritates them, I think.

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    Even some phyto cells are too large to be useful. I've been considering switching from culturing nannochloropsis to isochrysis just for the clams. The frozen BioCoral is supposed to be really good for clams too.

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    i was under the impression that golden pearls were good for them...

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    I guess I'll use what I have now, until Ifind the right stuff. Is there a product that Ivan or reef crew sells that would do the trick?

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