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    What are the best test kits?

    I am looking to but new test kits for my water. Everyone seems to rave about Salifert. Is there a reason? What are some of the best kits out there. I am looking for Amonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Alkalinity/Carbonate Hardness, Ph. I have everything else I need.


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    I'll be to the point here...

    I trust the salifert test kits only when testng Calcium and Alkalinity.

    RedSea, Hagen, Aquarium Pharm... all gave me different results that were preposterous. Since I've started using the Salifert kits and depending on their results, I've seen a visible improvement.

    The only other brand I trust is Seachem. I've used their Ammonia kit (which tests for both FREE and TOTAL Ammonia).

    Aquarium Pharm. kits are good for Nitrate and Nitrate and Ammonia. However having to wait about 20 minutes for an ammonia test doesn't sit well with me. The Salifert test is very quick.
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    Try this site - offers a good review of the different test kits.

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    I use all Salifert.

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    I'll pile on. . . Salifert!

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    I've used both Seachem and salifert. They're both good.

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    I asked the same question as you a while back....from the answers I got here and other boards I now use Salifert.

    Some people don't like that some of the tests are a little complicated. They aren't THAT bad, but not as simple as some other brands. Personally I'd rather do a little extra and get more accurate results. I'm happy with them.

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