Hi folks, its been a while since I've posted. A couple of quick questions - first - I finally got a TDS for my RO/DI unit. I tested the water and have gotten three varying results over a 24 hour period. First test showed a reading of 32 ppm, the second was 12 ppm and the last one was 8 ppm. On my well water I got a reading of 64 ppm. Obviously, I expect my well water to be the highest - but is it normal for three different results in such a short time frame. Is there a break in period for these devices? Also how do these reading look - what is an acceptable range?

The second question I have is regarding testing. Currently I test the following weekly: Ph - cuurently at 8.2, temp currently at 79F, salinity currently at 1.024 , nitrite 0, nitrate 5mg/l, calcium 460, and ALK 10.0 dkh. Is there anything else I should absolutely be testing. My tank is a Fish only with Live Rock. Any other comments on my tests are welcomed. My tank is coming up on its 1 year anniversary. Thanks and sorry for the long windedness.