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    Attention Sudbury Saltwater Enthusiasts

    Attention Sudbury Reefers: SMAS (Sudbury Marine Aquarium Society)

    If you are interested in taking part in a series of informal monthly gatherings dedicated to the husbandry and care of saltwater/reef aquaria, please respond to this thread. We envision this club as a place for the novice through to experienced saltwater hobbiests to meet one another and share their experiences and valuable lessons in this wonderful hobby. The first meeting will be hosted by Andy Bajc during the second or third week of June. Please indicate your preference for the timing of this first meeting: 1) weekday evening; 2) weekend afternoon; or 3) weekend evening. Subsequent meetings will be hosted at other memberís homes in the Sudbury Region. Volunteers will be solicited. Hosts will be asked to provide a brief synopsis of their setup(s) to the participants at the start of the meeting followed by a short question and answer period. The remainder of each meeting will be unstructured.

    Hope to see you there.

    Your Club Organizers
    Andy Bajc & Chris Meandro

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    Thats great new Andy!!!


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