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    Hey guys,

            Was in Marinescapes today talking to the guys.  We all can stop avoiding the subject of MASO with them.  They say they knew something was up.  I'd say all members have dealt or deal with Keith and Mark over the years and will continue to do so.  They were all for the MASO and always wondered why it hadn't happened before.  They were pleased to hear about it.  Keith and Mark are going to discuss how they will handle us as a group re: possible members discounts (my idea) .  They harbour no ill will about us trading frags and think its great.  I was refreshed by their way of thinking about the club and how it only helps the hobby-business in the long run.  Anyways I thought I'd drop a line about my chat with them.

    Ivan, I assume you have no problem with me posting this on here..if so I'll email everyone thru the mailing list...just let me ill will meant at all...after all I pay the taxes!... ;D

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    Re: Marinescapes...MASO

    lol... always falling back on the taxes  :P

    I don't mind you posting this at all.... its all about the hobby remember? If the group will save from this then its all good.  Remember the reason why I started Aquaria Canada in the first place... drop the prices LFS.. its way to high.  

    Only good things will become of MASO... it just needed a little push to get started... there's no stoping us now  ;D


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    Re: Marinescapes...MASO

    I stop in at Marinescape at least once a week (usually on Fridays when the new orders come in), since I go by there every day to a from work. *I've never mentioned anything about MASO, but I really don't think MASO will entirely replace them for me anyway. *For the most part, my tank is already stocked, so I'm really not a big buyer anyway, only really specifac pieces that occasionally come in. *I recently decided to buy a Blennie and have placed the order with Ivan to give him some business, but unless an existing fish dies, that will be it *as far a fish go. *Mostly I'm looking for small frags that I can grow out, see other people's setups, and meet other people interested in the hobby....things you don't usually get from a LFS.

    BTW:  How many posts to you have to have before you lose that demeaning "bacteria" title?

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