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    fox face reef safe?

    I made a search on RC but no convincing answer....
    I saw some reef tanks with it, but I read that it is not reef compatible...
    I also read that it eats bubble algea?

    (i posted that on RC too...)

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    They will eat the very tiny bubble algae but I think they just pick it but not really eat it. As far as being reef safe, it's hit and miss, like so many other fish we keep. There is no one answer for this one. I know many that have them and have kept them with no problems. I personally have not heard of anyone having a problem with them in a reef but have read they can do damage.
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    I agree with mouse. Each individual fish well have and develope its own personality. What works for one might spell disaster for someone else. No real definite answer is hard to accept at times, just as hard as winging a purchase and hoping for the best. Try to talk to other reefers who keep them personaly and ask if they have seen any signs of non compatability and go from there.

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    i read that they are poisonous so watch your hands on those spikes

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    I've kept plenty in my reefs and they have never been a problem for corals, they aren't very agressive either and because of their spines, they can take care of themselves pretty well. However, I too, have heard that they are hit and miss in terms of whether or not they will take a liking to a favourite captive coral.

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