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    Smile mini reef , lots of grief

    so i hear a mini reefs harder to keep , im going to start up one shortly , and would love to hear of other nanu reefkeepers setups ,...sise lighting etc..........
    i was planning on a 15 gallon (drilled) with a 10 gal sump
    a prism skimmer on the sump with lots of LR everywhere, and a deep sandbead and tough corals only , and for lighting a 10,000K compact florescent ,
    anyone see any problems with this setup?
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    Your set-up sounds similar to mine. IMO, the deep sand bed isn't worth the space it takes up. Not in the display anyway. As I understand it, there isn't enough surface area in a small tank to do much good. I've got a 28gal and the best thing I did was add a 15 gal fuge with lots of caulerpa. Trates and phosphates are always around 0.

    Just be prepared to keep up with evaporation, S.G. changes real fast if you get behind.

    Good luck
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