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    Cost Effective source of Super Glue

    What do you guys use to glue frags? Lately I've been getting the Crazy Glue Gel from Canadian Tire, but it seems like I'm always in there buying it. Fishysan mentioned to me off hand the other day that he was using something he gets from a hobby store, but didn't say what it was, how much it cost, etc. Anyone else?

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    I used to us the crazy glue gel from Canadian tire but at $4 a small tube it is way better to get the coral glue at MS for $22. It probalbly has about 12 of the crazy glue tubes in it volume wise.
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    Yo bristle,

    I was talkinga bout CA+ ZAPaGAP glue from a hobby store.

    You can get different grades of thickness, from thin to heavy. What I've been using (because I had some) was medium. I might try heavy (thicker).

    The one I have is 8.75$ for 1oz or 18ml. That was a number of years ago, so it might be a dollar or two more.

    Just go to any good hobby store, and you should be able to find it. I have to do the same soon, as I'm getting low.

    The web site on the bottle is

    Specifically this page:
    Fishysan ><>
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