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    Changing lighting?

    I was thinking about changing my halides from 175 to 400w. How would I go about doing this? Do I just start them up for a coule of hours a day for a while and gradually increase the time? And do I have to put my corals at the bottom of the tank, and then bring them back up over time? Thank

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    The easiest way that I have read about is to put several layers of window screen (fiberglass) over the top of your tank. Each week remove one layer.


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    Although I have never personally used the way Vickie described, I have read that many people have used it with good results. Ijust wanted to add though, make sure you have decent spacing from the lights to the screen. With 400 watters, you don't want that screen melting, catching fire or anything!!!

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    You could just start at one hour a day for a week and go up an hour each week. These babies create some serious heat, be prepared to deal with heat issues in the tank AND in the canopy- make sure they are not too close to wood- if that applies to your set up

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