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    Making your own food

    I had mentioned to a few people at one of the MASO meetings that I make my own food, and Ivan asked me about it last week. For the most part, I've just been putting shrimp, mussels, fish meat, squid and scallops in the blender, mulching it up, adding some brine shrimp, and freezing it flat in a freezer bag. At feeding time, I just break a piece off, melt it in a cup of tank water, and then add it to the tank (sometimes with a turkey baster if I want to target feed).

    So with nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon I did a little surfing for some recipes, and most work the way I just described above. However, I did come accross some discussions about various ingredients, as well as some "interesting" additional ones:

    Fresh Seafood: shrimp, oysters, mussels, clams, crab, lobster (if you are truely rich), pretty much any and all shellfish. All recipes I saw have shellfish in them.

    Fish fillets: Some suggested using only salt water fish with white flesh, no "oily flesh" such as salmon or tuna, although really they didn't say why.

    Fish roe. I don't use this myself, but when I saw it mentioned, I'm thinking this would make some sense to add in. I'm not sure where one would obtain fresh fish roe though. I also saw a recipe mention urchin roe as well, but here again, I have no idea where to obtain this.

    Frozen Foods:

    All recipes had the various frozen food that you can pick up at the LFS. Brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, silversides, etc. Personally, I've always added a good proportion of brine shrimp, as I think the rest of the mulch soaking in the brine juice makes it that much more pallatible for the fish (fish love the brine, but I recall reading that it isn't all that great for them....sort of like potatoe chips

    Other Stuff:

    Nori: Many recipes contain this, and if I had any Tang's, I'd probably put this in. Most mention that you should seperately blend this by itself.

    Spirolina: I have some of this that I got from MS. I understand that it is algae based, dried food. I don't add it to the mix, but I feed is seperately sometimes.

    Flake Food: Many recipes have this as well.

    Cyclop-Eze: See the other thread. I don't see any reason why you couldn't/wouldn't/shouldn't put it in.

    Selcon: Many recipes say you should add this in. I understand that it is a vitamine suppliment, but I've not used it.

    Phytoplankton/Zooplankton: Obvious additions.

    Other Less Obvious Stuff:

    Garlic: Apparently this is added to the mix to ward off ich. Some say just throw a couple of cloves into the blender, others get the extract from the health food store and break the capsuls open.

    Egg Yolk: I came across this on one recipe and was a bit intriqued by it. Cook it by boiling, and add it in.

    Various vegitables: Recipes had everything from brocoli to peas. I would guess that this would be for the vegetarian speces like Tangs.

    Echinacea capsules: Get them at the health food store and break them open. I guess if it keep us from getting colds.......

    Some recipes mention using about half of the seafood in the blender first and making it really fine, and then doing the second half and making it a bit chunkier. I will probably add this step to my mix next time, since the fish and the sun coral like it chunky, but the zoos, palythoa, hermits etc. like it finer.

    I guess for me, if I'm going to take the time to make my own food, it is to save a couple of bucks, so I think I'll stick to the stuff I can pick up at the grocery store. I mean, if I'm going to buy a bunch of frozen food at the LFS and just blend it together, it defeats the purpose.

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    awesome info bristleworm.. thanks for sharing.. I will definately give this a try.


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    I use to make and sell frozen foods, and I found that Amino Acids kelp, spiulina capsules where the best additives to add to a marine diet. JMHO


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    Cool bristleworm.. all good man.

    BTW, fish roe is essentially purer caviar(unspiced) used in making sushi. So you can get it anywhere they have sushi making kits & supplies. Loblaws get's fancy and might carry them..

    Also, since you aren't far from Chinatown on Sommerset you could get stuff from there. That's were I get a few products cheap that I feed to the gang..

    Spirulina is a green fiamentous (sp?) algae that is good ya, most everyone likes that stuff.

    Selcon is just HUFA concentrate in a way (vitamins too).. I would use it with food that will soak it up, else yer just dumping fatty acids into the system your skimmer ends up trying to take out. Not much would necessarily absorb it from the water from what I've read. Things tend to absorb vitamins, lipids, acids from food, not the water column.

    I've use HUFA enhanced brineshimp in conjunction with regular brine.. healthier candy/chips.

    Everyone else in my tank likes nori as well, it's funny to see chromis assault the veggie clip in attempt to get some off. They usually hover around the tangs as they shread it up and eat it. If you were to blend it up, it would be no different than using spriulina flakes.. I'd say. But I'd add both for diversity.

    I think adding Cyclop-eeze would be great, as it's essentially high HUFA substitute for hatched brineshrimp.

    It's all guess work, as long as things are liking it..

    Fishysan ><>
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