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    Tank change, Assistance needed!


    So moving tanks is nothing new to me.. I have changed many tanks in the last few years.. but this is my issue.

    This tank is going to be a complete move.. with all the other tanks i always started off with new sand and just seeded it with the old.. never moving it all..

    With this tank move i need to.. Who do you suggest i do it?

    I'm going to start by Siphoning out the sand bed into buckets.. then move start pumping out the water from the old tank to the new tank and move over all my rocks and corals into the bare bottom tank.. Then i was going to adding the sand slowly, What I'm looking to find out is .. How much sand and how slowly, I don't have a tone of salt left so i don't want to be causing a cycle..

    Any suggestions.. other than running it bare-bottom would be appreciated!


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    Keep only the top 1" of sand. All the rest of it will cause problems for you.

    Then just use the 1" of sand in your new system.
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    Well i was thinking of just using new sand and seeding it with the old like i have done with the last 5 changes.. lol,

    So what i will do is .. Move the rocks with the corals and fish into the tank tank.. Run it barebottom for now.. and in a couple of weeks when i get new southdown i will just adding ... Through a tube so it does not cloud up too much.. then i will just seed it with some of the sand from the top surface of the old stuff.


    My big concern right now was getting the the fish and coral out of the tank into the new one. To get the heating issues all cleared up.

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