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    Drilled Tank Question

    I have a 72 gallon Oceanic Bow Front "Show tank" (and stand) bought used with overflow/sump etc. The tank is not drilled but the Oceanic stand will accomodate a drilled tank. Since it is used the warranty is no longer valid on the tank.

    Is it worth having the tank drilled or should I just use the system as is?

    Is there someone in the Ottawa area that you recommend to drill the tank if it makes sense to do that?

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    Welcome on board, Raven.

    I myself don't have a drilled tank, since I don't have a sump. But my future system will definitely be a drilled one. Heard too many stories about hangon overflows losing their siphon and end up with a flood. Think about having 30 gallons of salt water on the floor, and the ensuing clean up.

    But, you can't drill tempered glass. If the tank isn't tempered glass, get it drilled in at least two locations, for redundancy.

    I have no idea who can drill it for you. Sorry can't help you on that.
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