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    Cured and no Cured rock what is the difference?

    Hi Everyone,

    I was just wonering what the difference is betweek cured and non cured rock and if the rock is not cured or not sure if it is cured how do you cure it.

    Thank You

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    Hi Terry

    The longer the rock is out of the water, the more die off you will have. This die off is the difference between cured and uncured rock. Cured rock should come out of the dealer's tank and into your tank in hours - with little die off. Uncured rock may not be in water since it was harvested which results in a larger amount of animals, etc dying. This will result in an ammonia and/or nitrite spike.

    To cure uncured rock - when you receive the rock, put it in salt water (either in your tank or another container) with a heater and a couple of power heads. Test for ammonia and nitrite. When the readings are 0, your rock is cured. Some people use lighting while they cure their rock and do partial water changes to keep alive as much as possible - others do nothing. Some people scrub off anything that looks dead before curing, others don't. Like many things in this hobby, there is no right/wrong way. They all work.


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