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    Fish to Tank size

    Hi Everyone,

    If I am setting up a tank for two fish around 11inch each what size tank to fish ratio should I use and is there even something like that?

    Thank You

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    What type of fish?

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    puffer fish

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    Those are 2 pretty BIG fish. Just to give them the swimming room they would like to have you should be looking at a tank at least the size of johnny's 500 gallon. Puffers don't move around as quickly as most fish but GGGGG just to turn around at each end of the tank easily and smoothly will require 24 to 30 inches. If the tank is only 4 feet long by the time they turn around they will be well on their way to the other end. I don't think that the effort in tank size required is worth the reward to 2 11 inch puffers. But that's not my decision to make so if you really want them and want they as happy as reasonably possable ... I would go with 6 feet long x 30 wide (front to back) X 24 to 30 high

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