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    Live Rock Question

    Hi Everyone,

    I am going to greece this summer and am an avid diver. I was wondering if I were to get lets say 100pds of live rock and send it to myslef via boat which would take 1 months what should I do to it before It leavs there and after it arrives. I know I would have to dry but what else would I have to do when it comes here to get it ready to go in a tank. Since live rock is like $9 100lbs would be $900 and it is not even that good. It would cost me like $100cdn to ship it.

    Thank You

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    it would be dead in a months time? why bother? its like using base rock which you can buy for 2.99#..

    noth worth it IMO!!

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    Plus, you'd run into serious import/export restrictions.

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    Not to mention, in most countries it is illegal to remove the lr from the ocean without a permit. Check out the cite for import/export permits.


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