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    Refugium & Wet/Dry Combo or just refugium

    Hi Everyone,

    Ok I am planning to setup either a 75 or 90gal tank FOWLR but I will only have about 40pds of live rock. The fish are puffer fish and very messy. My problem is I have posted a few times and have mixed ideas should I setup a refugium/sump with 5 or 10 gal of bioballs or should I just setup the sump/refugium with sand and live rock and leave the bio-balls out. All I care about is that the fish remain healthy. I am worried that the sump/refugium alone will not maintian the levels. I will also be using either a remora pro or a berlin turbo. Will the refugium/sump be working double time to filter the tank or will the bio-balls and refugium/sump be a better combo? My refugium is going to be a 30gal glass tank with baffels carbon and filter chambers. I will be doing 20% water changes every two weeks with RO/DI water.

    Thank You

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    Here's something that might help.

    Forget you ever heard about bioballs. =)

    Go with a refugium/sump and slap a remora / berlin into the sump. You'll be happy.

    I've got a 75Gal, but with a remora Hang on Back. I'm sumpless for now, but wish I had one.

    Put some substrate (unless you want to clean up after your fish), put a sump, get a good skimmer! (berlin/remora are great for the $)
    Reef's are becoming my life! Uh Oh!! ($$$)!

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