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    Condylactis Anemone

    I was thinking about purchasing a Condylactis Anemone.....anyone have any suggestions, thoughts, or experience with these?

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    They get very large, often lose their color, don't host clownfish except on rare occasions and have a reputation for wandering. That said there are also people with nice bright purple ones that haven't done any damage. Personally I've had a bad experience with anemones. The cute little bubble tip I bought ended up becoming 8 coral stinging machines. I got rid of most of them but still have 2 in the back I can't get at.

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    I had one. I move every other day . Then it found a home in the best spot in the tank.

    They have a very deadly sting and are no considerewd reef safe. If you look them up on look up condy

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    ya dont need a condy when you just bought my beautifull Rose BTA:

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    I still have my Condy, although its a pain in the butt.. it moves around when ya least expect it! I was lucky though my Maroon Clownfish (RIP) used to host in it & they had quiet a love/hate relationship. Anen's aren't supposed to sting clownfish, but the Condy would every now & then.. (the clownfish probably deserved the odd sting, he was big & constantly rolling around on it!!)
    I've noticed that raising kids & fish are similar: Patience & dedication really pays off!

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