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    What pump to use and how big of drain hose

    Hi Everyone,

    I am going to buy a 90 gal tank and was wondering if i want to have between 750 and 850 gph of flow what pump would work good at 7feet. Also how big of a whole should I make to get this much flow i have no idea about bottom drilled tanks so that is why I am asking. Also is that flow rate to much this is for a FOWLR tank.

    Thank You

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    That amount of flow should be OK for a FOWLR but it really isn't enough for most corals. The amount of flow you are talking about should be about as much as you will ever need to cycle through your sump. If you get into demanding corals you can always add a closed loop without increasing the demand on your overflow

    IMO drilled tanks are a necessity. I learned to hate external overflows. Plenty of things go wrong in this hobby. You don't need to deal with siphon breaks on top of everything else.

    I would drill a big enough hole for at least a 1.5" overflow pipe. A single 2" drain or dual 1.5" would be better (overflows are difficult to keep quiet when you push the limts). This calculator will help:

    As far as pumps go, you are looking at a fair amount of head. You may want to consider a pressure-rated pump that doesn't fade with a little resistance. A GenX Mak 4 would be a good bet. It is 1100 GPH without head. It is one of the less-expensive external pumps. They can be a little noisy when you first start them but they tend to settle down over time. It shouldn't be a problem unless the tank is in a bedroom.

    Good luck,


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