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Thread: Plenum?

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have been reading that a plenum is a good idea? What is a plenum? is it similar to undergravel filter? How does it work? what are the benefits? Should this be used with FOWLR?

    Thank You

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    A plenum is a 1 to 2 inch water space below 4 to 6 inches of fine gravel. Eggcrate and nylon screen is usually used to hold the sand of the bottom. The lower levels of the sand as well as the water develop types of bacteria that break down nitrates, thus keeping the levels low in the tank.
    Ther is no real water movement through the sand so it isn't loke an undergravel.
    the jury is out on whether it is any better than simply a deep sand bed on the bottom.
    Personnally, I like using them because I find them to be very stable and very efficient at reducing no3-----Others would say the opposite
    In a fowler? that's a whole other debate....sorry

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