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    another salt mix question

    ok, here goes.

    If you had the choice between Tropic Marin and Reef Crystal salt mix for the same price, which would you choose? What I'm looking for is people's experience with one or the other. I've surfed all of the threads on all of the forums on the best salt and I know everyone has their preferences.

    Just looking for perhaps any noticeable measurement trends (ie. Ca, Alk, etc...), any facts you might of heard lately, anything that will sway my choice.

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    i have never used reef crystals, but i have used Tropic Marin. I did notice that it tested positive for a little PO4 (but this was denied by Tropic Marin, so it may just be from a bad batch or whatever) - nothing serious. Tropic Marin also seems to be the more popular of the two, so if public usage is any indication, i would go with the Tropic Marin.
    That said, public opinion lately seems to indicate that the new Oceanic salt is the best salt available today - i just got 800gallons worth of it in jugs (200gal to fill my tank, and 600gal should last me for a year of water changes).
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