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    My JBJ Nano Cube , Completed!

    Well we picked up this nano used, and i managed to damge the lighting system So i have now wired up a WH7 running 2x 32 watt 50/50 bulbs, Took some work.. but she works like a charm!

    Standard JBJ Nano Cube
    2x32 watt 50/50 PC Running off a WH7
    Upgraded Maxijet pump
    75 watt EboJager heater
    12 pounds of live rock
    Crushed coral sand bed


    Finger leather
    Kenya leather
    Orange Zoos
    Yellow polyps
    Assorted mushrooms
    Two Toned Branching Frogspawn

    percula clownfish
    Yellow wrasse
    Cleaner shrimp.

    here are some pictures!

    Hope you all Like it!


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    Looking sharp man. Definatly worhty of a beer. :beer:

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