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    Wave timer, whats the best setting ?

    I just purchased a natural wave timer, and you can set it anywhere between 20 second intervals and 3 minutes , what would be best for my sps tank ?
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    If the unit is capable of doing it you should go with a vigorous day time water movement follows by vastly reduced water movement after lights out.... same as in nature. The unit should also be dialed back at feeding time if it dose not have a feeding mode.

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    The natural wave timer doesn't have those extra settings, Salty, it only has a dial for duration of the cycle.
    In the interest of prolonging pump life, I'd go with a longer cycle duration. Anywhere in between 20 seconds and 3 minutes will make the sps happy, so it's really up to you..

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    Agreed I have the wavemaker pro I set mine for turbulent reef setting.

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