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    Moving Xenia/Liverock

    Hi All,

    I've purchased almost 90lbs of liverock that will be arriving here on Sunday night (travelling in the car all day). Alot of the rock is covered in Xenia. I currently don't have a tank (should be here by next friday) and will be keeping the rock in a rubbermaid tub.

    Also, the lighting (two 400w MH) will be travelling with the rock so I won't be able to light the rock until at least Monday. (i'll probably put the lighting onto temporary plywood until my tank is in and I can build a canopy.

    My questions are how long can the liverock be out of water and without lighting (what effects will this have) and how quickly do i need to get the MH lighting setup so the Xenia has a chance to survive ?


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    I bet you could leave the xenia unlit for at least 4-5 days without any effect. I have a sump lit with an 18watt florecent and my xenia frags grow in there.
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    people cure rock for a few weeks in the dark too.. stuff might fade, but it will likely all bounce back. You can have storms out there that last a number of days were little light hits the reef - things make it.

    If your water temp & circulation are going well, all will be well.
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    If you want to keep it alive....try to allow some light into your holding tanks...even if it is just regular household'll be fine...

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