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Thread: Posting Photos

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    Talking Posting Photos

    Have a new ditigal powershot G2 by Canon....4 mega pixel/4optical.

    Been playing around with it far very little experience with cameras and the lingo that goes along with them.

    Anyways.....I took a few pics of my tank last night (need a tripod) using a chair and a stack of some real good shots off.

    Using the canon software......I was able to filter through the good and the bad.

    Came time to upload them onto this site.......did not work......way too large.

    I noticed that we are alotted 1024kb for our pics.......I also noticed that most pics are in the average size of 5000 bytes.

    My problem is I cannot compress the pics any less than 1900kb in Jpeg format....actually any format, really doesn't matter ...all too big.

    Any suggestions out there for resolving this ?

    feedback is appreciated!


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    have you try to resize them? maybe 320x200

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    The only suggestion i could make is ask IJO to up the limit or post them on an web server and post a link to the image...

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    Yo 'prick

    Use photo software to resize them. If you don't have anything, you can use the paint program that comes with windows. There are also a number of free ones on the web..

    I resize them, to 640x480, or less (150x??) and also reduce the compression ratio for jpegs. Lowers quality, but greatly reduces size.

    If I get a chance to swing by, I could show ya.. Maybe the software that comes with the camera can do it. You could also set your camera's resolution to be way lower, and increase the compression size. I never do that in case I want to do something with a picture (print it, etc.) but for play purposes...
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    What harley said... shrink the image size... that canon camera rules... they take awesome pictures... problem is.. they are also huge(not a problme once you learn how to edit the shots).

    I use Photoshop but there are a ton of other free software out there that could shrink these pictures for you. If you need some help with this.. let me know.


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    Thanks guys...I will look into this

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