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    Question Attaching Frags to Rock

    I tried to use Krazy Glue to attached colt coral to rock but it was too slimey to stick, infact, I think a layer of the coral stipped off.

    I've ended up attaching it with needle and thread. Seems a little hurting but I think it will recover. This is the second time I've had to sew it to rock. Seems to have broken loose a couple days ago. Before coming loose the colt seemed to be doing very well. nice pink colour. It's not more grey and dark.

    Anyone else have luck with glueing coltfrags? I'm a little apprehensive about using it since I may release nasties into the tank.


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    When I frag my colt. I used a glass and a piece of rock. I took my drill bit and drilled the diametor, of the colt, and put it in the hole and into the glass, where the current can't knock it around. I also put a bunch of coral rumbble, or cruched coral, cause sometimes they still come out but reattach to a pices of rubble and either I glue it to another rock or just leave it. But make sure you leave it in the glass for a least 2 weeks, to make sure it gets a good grip

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    I sewed it on with fishing line lol.. works great!!

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