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    Algae on PowerHeads


    I was just wondering how many people remove the algae from there power heads. I have started a poll for this.

    Thank You

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    I leave everything in the tank and rarely ever remove any algae... If I find i have to much.. I counter it with powerheads and/or livestock.

    Green Turbo grazers are just amazing!!! best snails I've tried todate... then nerit, lawnmower blenny(every tank should have one) and then nassarius snails(not for algea.. but help keep the sandbed moving).


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    Turbo snails are the best! My tank had algea everywhere! In 3 days, almost everything was clean! They also clean my powerheads with no problem. I also have a couple of neriths but i find them very slow. My lawnmower blenny do the work but he is very shy up to now.

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